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Symptoms of hypertension

The systematic increase in blood pressure over 140/90 mm Hg. Art. Hypertension causes the disease. Systematic headaches - the first and main symptom of hypertension. The origin of headaches may be different. There is a headache due to the contraction and spasm of cerebral vessels. Stress, fatigue, weather changes - the main cause of the headache.

Also, isolated and other symptoms of hypertension; dizziness, tinnitus, fall view, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, chills, sweating, throbbing in the temples, anxiety. These symptoms manifest hypertension in the early period are not constant and also do not occur all at once.

In the later stages of the disease there are other more serious symptoms of hypertension. Reduced visual acuity, sensitivity of the hands and feet, often nosebleeds, memory is getting worse, the person ceases to red, there are limbs edema.

Many people with hypertension and manifest such symptoms: nausea, vomiting, insomnia, redness of the skin during exercise, strong pressure on the eyes, weak heartbeat, fatigue, etc...

All these symptoms periodically retreating, indicating that the insidiousness of such diseases as hypertension.

Because hypertension occurs vascular disease progression in the brain of permanent high blood pressure, it may in some cases lead to paralysis. Hypertension causes many serous complications, and pay their extinction process is no longer possible. According to this if you noticed in your body symptoms of hypertension, see your doctor more often and monitor your blood pressure.

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