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What is hypertension?

Often we experience headaches, particularly when weather changes, or after a hard for. Often the headache occurs due to high blood pressure. To determine blood pressure at home by using a tonometer. If you have a device for measuring blood pressure, consult your local point of care. If you often measure your blood pressure exceeds 140/90 mmHg measure. Art. seek medical attention - perhaps you have hypertension.

Over the above it is clear that high blood pressure - is a systematic increase in blood pressure over 140/90 mm Hg. Art. for no apparent reason. The most important risk of hypertension is a direct relationship between blood pressure and blood flow to the heart. The higher the blood pressure in the blood vessels, the faster the heart muscle.

This is a complex systemic disease, which can give a lot of complications, while ignoring its treatment. In the past, hypertension suffered more often people over 40 years old. But to date the disease is much "rejuvenated" hypertension is often affected young people aged 25-30 years. Hypertension suffer from both women and men. According to statistics, most people suffer from hypertension, who lead a sedentary lifestyle and are overweight. Wrong way of life, alcohol, smoking, frequent stress, diabetes are the precursors of hypertension.

Be attentive to yourself, do not harm your health, and no disease will not get any!

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