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Nutrition for hypertension

It is very important in the treatment and prevention of hypertension is diet. In mild hypertension with the help of proper nutrition and lifestyle may stop the progression of the disease. Hypertension - a chronic disease in which, starting with a moderate stage of its development, it is necessary to take daily medication for lowering blood pressure. Even if you are at risk of hypertension, with the help of power very easy to avoid hypertension.

Primarily for the prevention and treatment of hypertension should be excluded diet products with a high content of cholesterol and salts.

It is very important food for hypertension combined with the refusal of alcohol and tobacco, while the effectiveness of prevention and treatment has grown significantly. It is exposed to the risk of hypertension overweight people, so it is important to monitor their health and eat right.

Nutrition for hypertension consists of such rules:

- To exclude from the diet of fatty meats, sausages, bacon, fried foods, smoked meats;

- Fresh bread and rolls replaced with crackers or use them in a few days after baking;

-sokratit salt intake in food up to 5g daily;

- Give up coffee and green tea;

- Alcohol is strictly forbidden;

- More should eat vegetables and fruits;

- Limit the use of sugar, pastries, cakes candies and other sweets;

- Increase the use of magnesium and potassium, which is found in cabbage, carrots, beets, dried apricots and cereals;

- In any case not starve positions in hypertension is strictly prohibited.

The implementation of these recommendations on nutrition hypertension is not only possible to warn, but also to cure. Now you understand that nutrition in hypertension is the key.

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