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Hypertension treatment

Hypertension - a chronic disease, which can not be cured forever. But to control blood pressure with proper treatment of hypertension is quite real. Treatment of hypertension appoint a doctor after the complex diagnostic procedures. Treatment differs depending on the stage of hypertension (mild, moderate or severe). In hypertensive patients with complex medication must adhere to a special diet, avoid stressful situations, to conduct a correct way of life and give up bad habits.

Light stage hypertension suffers 70% of hypertensive patients. Treatment takes place in stages, depending on the patient's response to medication. It is not always easy stage of hypertension should be treated consistently. If you eat right, eliminate stress and stop smoking and drinking, the chronic administration of drugs gipotenzitivnyh not required. Continuous monitoring of blood pressure - the key to successful treatment of mild hypertension stage.

Treatment of moderate hypertension step is a daily administration of the drug in a complex with non-pharmacological therapy. Acceptance of the drug begin with minimal doses, while important is the proper selection of treatment. The main stage in the treatment of mild hypertension continuous reception of medicines. Non-pharmacological treatment includes diet, avoiding harmful habits, avoiding stressful situations.

Treatment of severe hypertension stage involves taking a combination of drugs. If treatment with one drug does not give the desired result, the physician increases the first dose. If that does not bring the desired result, several drugs are combined therapy technique, which required a strictly prescribed by a doctor. In some cases, and may designate three drugs. Recommendations on diet, blood pressure monitoring, stress and avoiding harmful habits relevant for the treatment of severe hypertension stage.

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