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Hypertension as a complication of diabetes

Very often as a complication in patients with diabetes mellitus hypertension appears. Heart and blood vessels in diabetes are affected first. Because diabetics often suffer from hypertension 3 times. If the patient is diabetic negligent about their health, and does not comply with the treatment proposed, the hypertension in these cases, is developing rapidly.

Control of blood pressure for patients with diabetes should be permanent, as well as the measurement of blood sugar levels. Characteristic for diabetes is, that after a night's sleep elevated blood pressure is not reduced. If a diabetic diet appears salt - this leads to an increase in pressure. And supine blood pressure in diabetics is not your same whether standing or sitting.

Treatment of hypertension in diabetes has certain features. Since most of the drugs against hypertension have a negative impact on blood sugar levels, pharmacological treatment with them do not start. This self hypertension in diabetes is very dangerous for its complications. There are medications to reduce the pressure, which does not affect the glucose in the blood, but they do not affect the kidneys and their permanent appointment is prohibited.

In this regard, high blood pressure, doctors often recommend drug-free methods to treat diabetes. These include diabetic diet, breathing exercises, special exercises to sports and even traditional medicine. Coffee, smoking and alcohol are a diabetic who suffers from hypertension, is strictly prohibited.

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